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"The true light coming into the world illuminates everyone, it is the essence of all life forms. Although it was in the world, and the world came about through its agency, the world did not recognize it...But to all who did embrace it, to those who believed in it, it gave the power..."


Book of John

The very first spoken word was far more expansive than the sun; 

Light was spoken into all things from the beginning, as an answer to what was dark and meaningless.  This light initiated physical creation through thought and word, leaving us a legend to reference when we feel an absence of light in our own present day lives.  

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never overpower it. 

The light illuminates us all; it is the essence of all life forms.  This same procreative light force later created humankind in its own image, powerful by nature, created not in the image of chaos but as the antidote to it. We were created with the remarkable abilities to speak and reason, create freely, occupy ourselves with the goodness of things, and to offer blessings, all while providing for others. This life is truly a collaborative opportunity for us all to shine peace and harmony into the chaos of the world. Like lighthouses pointing the way home, we share our own light with those who may not be able to see their own. 

Ed Napper

We’re all in this together.

How do we connect our light through all the perceived chaos? What does it really mean to be in the world and not of it?


First, we must remember who we are -


- which is different from who we think we need to be, or what others think we are.

Second, we must understand chaos for what it is (an opportunity to bring light) and never become entangled in it (through elevated consciousness).

Third, we must remain conscious that wherever there is chaos, there is always an equal or greater capacity for peace and light. Life is also a unique opportunity to reveal our contributions to the world and all of our gifts at the appointed time.

But light isn’t necessary in places where there is already light; the dark hours are useful too. Through connection, we rise to these occasions. A tough environment is the perfect arena to shine.  

 Darkness can show up in our physical body, as well as our psychological, social and spiritual body (four ways through which we experience the world). Leading healthy lives means equilibrium between the four; true health becomes accessible when there is harmony in all four aspects. Illness is simply an indication of disharmony in one or more areas, “absent” of light.  Illness and wellness both serve their purpose; it is up to us to figure out what that purpose is. By feeding ourselves from “life generating” sources while taking a holistic approach to the foods we consume, thoughts we think and the words we choose we can drastically lift the standard of health and wellbeing for ourselves and generations to come.

We control every aspect of our health by aligning to a higher source through 4 daily rituals:

Physical Training

We honor our body as a Temple. Constantly under construction, we strengthen our structures through challenging external loads, science-backed repetition and interval work. The primary job of the physical structure is to support the Soul’s mission. Learn more about how our approach is different..

Ed Napper
Ed Napper –  Cathedral of Saint John the Divine

Conscious Eating

We believe that food is a gift. The nutritional choices we’ve made in the past led us here and the choices we make today will determine the quality of our future. Connecting modern science, natural elements and spirituality in an intellectual way, we are seeking to empower the people to make sound dietary choices for the good of themselves and the health of the planet. An all-sided approach to nutritional wellness…

Spiritual Practice

Poor physical health originates in the spiritual body. Sickness and dis-ease are both signals of internal conflict. Deep stillness, quiet, meditative and contemplative prayer are powerful tools used to maintain radiant spiritual health. Study too. The main objective of the Invisible Institution is to provide space for spiritual growth and greater connectivity with the Higher Source.

Ed Napper –  Cathedral of Saint John the Divine
Ed Napper –  Cathedral of Saint John the Divine

Social Connection

Receiving and sharing support, understanding and fun in our relationships with others are key components to a happy life. Healthy relationships are important. Volunteering, charity, inspiring conversations and even uplifting movie nights can all have a positive affect on our health status.

We enhance our capacity in each area through challenge, recovery, nurturing, and growth.

Ed Napper

Through the practice of our daily rituals we can strengthen our bodies, nurture ourselves through challenge and grow from lessons learned in the process.

This is our way, on the path of self-mastery.

Physical training and sound dietary choices are vital, equally essential to the equation is our power of thought, the most influential player in the biological symphony. When the thought patterns are off-key, it won’t matter how versed we are in the sciences or how healthy our physical lives are; internal equilibrium will continually elude us.

Harmonious thought is even more important than the perfect diet; we must look beyond the nutrients in our food and turn to the higher sources available to our thought-bodies

Thoughts become things.

Every organ of our physical body exists for the highest good of its neighboring organs, and equilibrium is only possible where we can envision ourselves cultivating a constructive internal environment with every choice we make.  Negative thoughts, like infectious disease, have far-reaching consequences. The impact affects your immediate environment and all the people who come into contact with it. External perception is merely a reflection of the internal state.

Positive thoughts give way to positive words. 

Words are creative power, capable of manifesting our thoughts and feelings into the world. Generating and strengthening negative emotional bodies through words will never give you a positive result. We must avoid negative talk, especially that which is self-directed, all together. This is the power of Word and more importantly the power of Us.

Your health ultimately comes down to your word.

Speak Light.

It is who you are.  It is who WE are.

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