A Prayer To Bless This Space:

Divine Creator, we gather here to conquer that which keeps us from shining. We wish to expand in both power and grace, that we might each become a more perfect conduit of You and remain in communion with You always. Let us always stand against injustice in every form, remembering that anger at injustice is one of the highest forms of Love. We stand beside each other on our journey toward spiritual mastery and abundance through gnosis and deeds. Through healing, empowerment, and service, let us become conscious beings. Conscious of our uniqueness, that we are all expressions of Your love and infinite wisdom. May we express that love and wisdom more fully every day.

The Original Invisible Institutions -

Ed Napper

- Initiated in the deep American South during the 18th/19th centuries.

Through a system of signals, passwords, and messages indiscernible to the uninitiated, participants created a space where believers created a place where they could freely mix African rhythms, singing, and beliefs with local expressions of Christianity. 

Each gathering would serve as a safe, loving space where others would be heard, respected, and empowered to connect with their own spiritual essence, free from harsh judgment, shame or oppression. It was a safe haven for us to develop our own sense of love, compassion, and healing for the self, regardless of what the outside world had to say.

Today we seek to carry on those same traditions, drawing on influences ranging (but not limited to) from Torah, New Testament, Kabbalah and Hermetic philosophy, Astrology, and countless other sources of ancient leadership, lifestyle, and nutritional wisdom.

Seeking to share what we have found in a newer holistic way, we draw upon all these wisdom traditions to support our people in reaching their greatest potential!

Having no direct affiliation to any existing religious structures, we offer support, love, and enlightenment to all individuals seeking to experience greater connectivity with the Creator, in the world and with themselves.

Every week, the Invisible Institution will take inspiration from the weekly biblical portion to ground us in the energy of the week. On Sundays, the Invisible Institution shares a written sermon in preparation for a live Thursday night interactive study group. There, we will share the deeper physical, mental, and cosmic energies of that week’s portion, and offer practical solutions. 


Ed Napper

Thursdays connected to the planet Jupiter related to Abundance, Good fortune, expansion, and the night the cross ascended into global holiness.

During moon phases, when the stars and planets shift above us, this space will share wisdom on how to make the most of these potent cosmic opportunities, created for us. Most Biblical events coincide with moon phases and cosmic energy anyway; this is public knowledge left to us from the ancestors and documented in the ancient Biblical text, starting on the fourth day of creation.

As non-conformists we have no limits, we take a ‘by any means necessary’ approach to the attainment of self-mastery.

The Masters never conformed. THEY were all highly conscious revolutionaries, WHO stood not only for grace and love, but also for justice. While we walk in Their legends, we don’t limit ourselves to one person. There were many created and blessed to interpret THE LAW in ways that impacted humanity in very positive ways. We learn from the writings attributed to them and emulate their greatest attributes in our every day lives. It is our belief that many different branches have emerged from the great Tree of Life and that Jesus still remains the Greatest Of All Time!

It is our intention to honor and exemplify THEIR work and those of our ancestors through these efforts.

Ed Napper –  Cathedral of Saint John the Divine

The Original Invisible Institutions

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