Our Principles:

  • All physical things will change.
  • Mentality is everything. 
  • Nothing is ever just one way; duality is alive in all things.
  • Never blame; your temporary pain is signaling your growth.
  • Everything is connected and there are no small things; your outer world is your inner world reflected.
  • All things rise and fall; expect it.
    The result is not the same as the goal.

Founded In 2017,

The META Project is a holistic physical fitness program for those who are seeking to experience life in all of its fullness, expanding who they are in the process. We’ve evolved into a conscious collective of high-performing individuals, working daily to increase our capacity for experiencing joy in our lives. Since we view our bodies as vehicles through which we carry out our Soul’s mission, peak physical alignment is vital in fulfillment of that mission.

So we go to work perfecting and testing our bodies daily.


This program is bigger than physical looks; our physiological training is designed to alter mind, body, and spirit. The resulting physical looks are a byproduct of unparalleled work ethics and a community commitment to our individual higher selves – a new way of being.

Our training protocols are as much about art as they are about science. 

Through years of study and successful application, our founder has created an efficient, effective programming model. This program has empowered thousands across the globe to break through their misconceptions about physical fitness ideals and structures. They discover what works best for them while also seeing the desired result. It’s a personal journey, and you won’t have to go it alone.

Each session is designed to have a lasting impact in every aspect of the client’s life.

We don’t train to be good at the gym; it’s about being good at life.

 Clients discover that they are capable of far more than they believed. In the process, they become more fit and free to excel in fulfilling their vision than they’ve ever been. For some, that’s parenthood, while others may be running fortune 500 companies; both require their own kind of endurance. 

Our Ultimate Goal Is Freedom.

While your degree of freedom will always be in direct proportion to how much “freedom” you are trained to handle, fitness should always be about being free.


Tools We Use:

  • Body weight
  • Aerobic 
  • Endurance
  • Power Endurance
  • Strength Endurance
  • General Strength (dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, etc)
  • Power (barbell, kettlebell)
  • Circuits
  • Intervals 

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