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Born into a rich legacy of evangelism, I grew up immersed in the mystical teachings of Christ, Altruism and Humanistic Service from the beginning. A philosophical kid by nature (Born in the month of Kislev), I was gifted my first bible as an adolescent from my father. This would lay the foundation for a lifelong love of reading, wisdom-seeking, and the pursuit of hidden meanings. When my father transitioned from the physical plane, I embarked upon my first period of soul contemplation to discover my true purpose.  I was 12.

Ed Napper –  Cathedral of Saint John the Divine

In Early Adulthood,

I spent 8 years in the retail industry, hiring and managing hundreds of co-workers and positioning the northeast division of the company for record expansion and profit during my time there – an experience that the CEO would often half-joke was “more valuable than school” for me (not wrong!). After 8 years, the birth of my daughter and transition of my sweet mother inspired me to go inward again to contemplate what my actual soul purpose was in the world, and I resigned. After spending the following year with my partner, my daughter Zo, and my books, I’d developed a hunger to perfect my physical output and mental focus through physical training, and I committed to a professional career sharing this newfound love with others.


In the next 8 years

In the health and wellness industry, I acquired over 20+ specialty certificates, 600 hours of nutritional study, a network of talented healers, and a community of fantastic clients ranging from C-suite executives, A-list actors, and full-time moms to retirees seeking to live out their days in the best shape of their lives. In every session, I had the chance to share the mystical lessons and experiences from my childhood, the professional leadership and inspirational abilities from my time in retail, and the physiological optimization techniques I’d learned through resistance training and nutrition. Then in 2017, I began to again contemplate what my life would mean; this contemplative journey led me directly to deep bible study.

Ed Napper –  Cathedral of Saint John the Divine

A Few


  • National Council On Strength & Fitness 2012
  • VIPR Trainer 2013
  • KettleBell Athletics 2013
  • Olympic Lifting (Basic) 2013
  • USA Weight Lifting 2013
  • Gym Jones (lvl 1) 2013
  • Gym Jones Intermediate (lvl 2) 2013
  • Institute Of Motion Mentorship (lvl 1) 2014
  • Bio Signature (lvl 1) 2014
  • Bio Signature (lvl 2) 2014
  • Gym Jones Advanced (lvl 3) 2014
  • Precision Nutrition (lvl 1) 2014
  • Gym Jones Internship 2014
  • Strong First KettleBell Instructor (lvl 1) 2014
  • Gym Jones Instructor 2015
  • Gym Jones Seminar Instructor 2016
  • Functional Range Conditioning Specialist 2017
  • Kinstretch Course 2017
  • Licensed NLP Practitioner 2017
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 2017
  • Design Human Engineering – 2018
  • Reiki Attunement – 2019
  • Plant based Nutrition – 2019

Alongside scholars and teachers,

I studied Zohar, Tanakh and Hebrew in addition to New Testament Writings; Hermetic philosophy, Astrology, and hundreds of spirituality and comparative religion books would come later. It seemed that for every divine inspiration, there was a real-life test waiting for me, and I wouldn’t always learn the lesson the first time. Amidst all the soul-crushing do-overs, I knew I was onto something and I wasn’t going to give up. For the first time I was conscious. Awakened to the divine energy force alive within me and my own personal responsibility to it. As the young Kabbalists would tell me: “Ed, it takes desire, will, consciousness and technique (over and over) to access our inner light.” It had taken me 30+ years to scratch the surface…

30+ years to discover a new purpose.

And that purpose is to share a new vision of the gospel in a holistic way. I seek to transmit the centuries-old master teachings, while addressing modern challenges associated with our physical bodies and spiritual nature. I AM fully committed to contributing, with like-minded souls, to the raising of our collective consciousness.


As the Master says: “For those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be troubled. When they are troubled, they will marvel and rule, and having ruled, they will rest.”

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