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“I have been working with Ed for about 2 and a half years now. I have had several trainers in the past, but never one so supportive – in and out of the gym. Ed is knowledgeable, encouraging, and committed. He gives thoughtful feedback on pretty much anything: squat form, the proper execution of an overhead press, whether or not I should adopt a dog (the answer is always no,) or if I should cut my hair off (also no.) My time in the gym has become something I look forward to, so much so that I got my whole family involved! Myself, my father, brother, and sister all train with Ed now (thankfully he is willing to put up with us!) We love Ed and are certainly better for having him in our lives.”


- Caitlin, actress


"I have been working with Ed for the last few years.  I don’t just consider Ed my personal trainer, I consider him my partner in health.  Through our partnership, I have come to appreciate a holistic, interconnected approach to doing what’s right for my body, for myself, for my family and for my health in general.  I am not a gym rat and I certainly don’t love to work out.  I exercise (and sometimes eat right . . .) to give myself the best shot of being there for my family for as long as possible.  Ed implicitly understands that.  He feels the same way about his family.

Ed seamlessly introduces exercises that are specific to my every day life — whether it is working on intervals to improve my speed on the tennis court or shoring up my core strength and posture to perform daily tasks.  Ed is nonjudgmental and calls things like he sees them.  I feel comfortable sharing concerns (or bad habits) with Ed because I know he will treat my information with caring and thoughtfulness. 

Ed truly is a unique mix of qualities and strengths.  He is bright, personable, knowledgable, and a very good person.  Hats off to you Ed!"

- Ellen (Client)

"I am so grateful to have Ed Napper in my life!  As a Type 1 Diabetic who is lucky enough to also have Rheumatoid Arthritis, I am very cautious with personal trainers. The 'no pain no gain' philosophy has put me out of commission for weeks or months at a time. 

My personal goal in training always been to keep moving, to avoid complications and stay healthy. I appreciate that Ed listens to my needs and adapts to my issues of the day. Over months, he has really gotten to understand how my body works and doesn't and is able to push me to the edge of what I can do, without ever taking it too far. 

I came to Ed to stay healthy. I have accomplished this and also gotten a whole lot more out of my time working with him. I feel great, look fit and have an amazing friend who really cares about me. 
I would honestly recommend Ed to anyone (I've seen some of his other clients!)- but especially those who are worried about getting started and working out in a safe way when they have health limitations."

- Stacy (Client)

"REENGINEERING.  That is what Ed does. He reengineers your body which leads to your entire well-being improving.  Ed delivers . . . a new body, a new psyche, and new approach to your daily routine.  Ed learns your body and tailors his training to YOUR needs.  It's not copycat. It's focused and on target. Having a severe case of scoliosis and back surgery, Ed has taken my body to new levels as well as my mental approach to fitness, diet, and lifestyle. I can actually "live" and compete daily thanks to Ed's work and guidance. I am blessed to have Ed as my fitness and training guru. Get REENGINEERED . . . let Ed push you to be better. You won't regret it."

- Brian (Client)


"To give some context to what I have to say about Ed Napper, I think it important to understand my own background. I trained with Ed for over a year from 2014 to 2015. Prior to that, I’d trained with various coaches, using a myriad of equipment ranging from therabands to club-bells and everything in between. Over the last 15 years, I’ve been a member of a national judo team, as well as an officer in a special reconnaissance unit in an active military. The only reason Ed and I stopped training together is because I left New York City.

Besides Ed’s extensive knowledge about nutrition, training methodologies, and injury rehabilitation, his demeanour on the training floor sets him apart from the rest. Ed does not need to scream at you in order to get the most out of you. His quiet manner manages to squeeze every last drop of effort from you in a way no drill sergeant could achieve. He motivates. He listens. He has expectations. The beauty of it all is that his expectations become your own, and surpassing them is a joint accomplishment. 

I learnt more about my own body’s mechanics and capabilities in the time I spent training with Ed than I did as a competitive sportsman or as an active duty soldier. Ed was able to harness my army approach and mentality and channel it into effective, results-producing training sessions. Ed truly sets the standard when it comes to training his clients, as well as himself. He lives what he teaches, and leads by example. I’m honoured to call Ed a friend, and am truly grateful for what I learned from him.

Ed has ruined me for any other trainer."


- Joshua

"In my line of work we have a saying: If you think good advice is expensive, wait until you see how much bad advice costs you. I can’t help but think how these words also apply in the world of health and fitness. Ed’s training and advice are best in class. He has meticulously developed his own unique training plan and the incredible results are achieved safely. Ed teaches you what to do, and perhaps more importantly, what not to do. I could not be happier training with Ed!"

- Scott (Client)

"I began working with Ed after witnessing how he transformed a good friend of mine. Those results were no fluke; and I too quickly began to benefit.  Ed is dedicated to his clients, results driven with a strong work ethic, but also a pleasure to be around. It's work hard, play hard - pain yielding pleasure... I look great, I feel great - and as a friend recently commented, I went from "fat ass" to "phat ass!". Woot! Woot!"

- Omar (Client)

"I have been working with Ed for a little over two years. I came to him after working with two other trainers so I had some experience with what it is like to have a trainer. Ed exceeded my expectations. He has taken my training to the next level. I am HIV positive and was suffering from chronic fatigue and depression. Ed took this into consideration when we started working together. He specifically tailored our workouts to my body and health concerns. Needless to say, I am feeling much better, sleeping better and feeling great. 

Ed has the attitude of determination which is a great quality in a trainer. He  pushes me further towards my goals yet never forces me past my comfort level. In working with Ed the last 2 years, I have yet to acquire an injury from strength training and am very satisfied with my progress.  My husband is also very satisfied with my training results. In fact, I have reached many of my goals and we have made new ones together. He is the best trainer I’ve worked with yet and I highly recommend him. "

- Client

"When I set out to find a new personal trainer I looked for three qualities:  1.  Smart; 2. Very knowledgeable of the field; 3. Strong enough to not allow me to dominate.  With Ed I got everything I wanted.  I have a very strong personality that respects intelligence, proficiency, and strength because without all three, I will lose respect and then run over the trainer, not accomplish my goals, and waste his time and my money.   Ed is excellent for me since I was not easy and early on, I balked at some things he wanted me to do.  There were days I was absolutely frustrated and angry with him and a few times I worked with him and we did not speak beyond instruction and correction about proper form.   Over time I came to realize the person I was really angry with was myself.  I learned to take direction, I grew to trust him increasingly and without reservation as desired results began to appear.  He refocused my thinking and behavior on so many things starting with diet, then learning to believe in myself and to own my own “stuff,” and understanding that real, sustained change does not come easily nor quickly.  As much as I admire, respect and highly recommend him, I must also say that Ed is not for everyone; meaning--if you are not really serious about training and not willing to make the sustained commitment required on all fronts, you’re likely to be unhappy, because he will “sniff” that out very fast."  


- Rick (Client)

"I came to Ed on a mission. I'm an actor, and needed to look camera ready immediately. To put it simply, he changed my body completely. I feel confident, strong, and above all, empowered in my industry. While our sessions our tough, he always gives me the support and guidance needed to get through that extra mile. His work is targeted and specific - and I've never met another trainer who will work as closely with clients and their goals. I'm forever grateful for our work together."

- Arielle (Client)

In a saturated market and a world dominated by an excess of instant content it can be nearly impossible to separate quality from quantity, fact from fiction; enter Ed. 

From the moment I was introduced to Ed, it was clear I was dealing with a consummate professional, someone who has spent years honing their art and who is continually evolving and learning. This desire for self improvement, both physically and mentally, is what underpins everything he does.

Ed’s philosophy has challenged me to think differently about my strengths, weaknesses and to continually push my preconceived limits. I am more aware of my body and mind and the capacity for growth than ever before. Ed has instilled this through meticulously well thought out and varied routines which are both challenging and continuously rewarding. Week on week improvement is evident and results tangible.

Ed is a master of his art, a friend, mentor and when needed, the guy who can give you that kick up the a**……. in short, a great trainer!


– David

“When I began with Ed, I just wanted to instill some discipline into my workout. I had no idea I would also receive spiritual guidance, perspective on career, relationships, and self-awareness and perception, my relationship to the world and others, my purpose. The focus is on the whole being. Though the workouts are grueling, the next few days are always more peaceful, both in the mind and in the body. When my father moved to New York, I knew one of the first people I needed to send him to was Ed.”


-Akhi, physician (Son)


“I came to New York to be with my son Akhi. Akhi introduced me to Ed and I started personal training with Ed. Although reticent in the beginning, I met Ed and was impressed by his congeniality and affection. He undertook to bring me back to health and good spirits with ease and sincerity that was very refreshing! He sensed right away the alienation I felt in my transition from California to New York! He even, out of his own volition, gave me a beautiful book that helped bring back faith in myself and true belief, in not just my physical being but also my spiritual being!”


-Srinu, retiree (Father)

"I have really enjoyed working with Ed.  He is an expert in his field and will create a customized plan to help you achieve your goals.  The bottom line is that you will get the results that you are looking for."


- Jack (Client)


"Ed literally changed my life.  He is the real deal.  Ed filled in the missing pieces on nutrition, functional movement and the importance of rest and recovery.  And then he took it one step further by motivating and inspiring me to push a little harder and go beyond what I thought I could do.  And I take that with me to other aspects of my life both in work and personal relationships.  I hear his voice when something seems daunting ahead of me.  “Keep going…keep pushing…keep your head up.  If you need to take a break ok, but get back up and finish.”   I admire Ed for his integrity and character to always do the right thing for me.  I trust him and I will always be grateful for helping me upgrade my life to perform my best at everything I do." 


- Paul

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