Every story in the bible contains the message for us to “love each other.”

This week, we are invited to listen from a place of love and understanding, a conscious choice available to us in every human interaction.
Drawing inspiration from the portion of Ha’azinu (meaning “listen”), the first sentence opens with a request to the heavens from the prophet, Moshe, to listen as he speaks; he follows this with an appeal to the earth to hear his utterances. I was immediately struck by the distinction he made between listening and hearing and also where he chose to direct each request.

It was almost as if he were prepping the celestial bodies to receive and act on his words—a clear reminder to the reader of the power of our words. Just as the world was created through word, so too is every word of ours recorded under the sun in our world of creation.

Ask and you will receive.

The second priority was the earth’s hearing—a totally different function than listening. As we understand it, hearing is a psychological experience deeply rooted in the individual’s perceptual frequency. No two people hear and perceive the exact same things; therefore, our hearing is not foolproof. In order to connect to our own heavenly consciousness, we must learn to hear beyond our five senses. This also helps us to see people for who they really are (mindsight is also 20/20).

Seek and you will find.

What we listen for, we will hear—for good or for ill. Our listening says more about us than it does about what we hear. If we, as listeners, experience love internally (both self-love and the love of GOD), we tend to listen to all on a loving vibration; as such, everything we create as a result will reflect the love we hold for ourselves. Hurt, hate, and fear work the same. We all must come to terms with the idea that we also create people and things as we listen to them

How can you expect love from anyone if you don’t experience it within and for yourself? How would you even recognize it?

True, thoughtful listening requires an open heart; the student must prepare a space and when the student is free and clear the message will appear.

Knock and the door will be opened.

The Sages teach that some messages will show up like strong winds and torrential downpours of rain to those who have earned the capacity to absorb a great deal—Seekers of hidden meanings and sacred wisdom reserved for the strong. Other messages can be as soft as rain drops nurturing dry soil, covering the mustard seed that needs to evolve into the tree. We are all at different stages in our individual journeys.

Regardless of where we’re at in life, we can all learn to give pause and connect with our higher selves before speaking. In that moment, we can see the ALL as so much greater than our grandest idea of what love is: immutable and supportive on a mighty throne. Just before the beginning of every task, in times of great difficulty, when we can’t comprehend how all the “broken” pieces can possibly fit together into the abundant lives we are here to live, we must learn to take our moments before we speak and listen.

In these moments, we’ll realize that higher connections and consciousness are the true keys to the kingdom of Heaven.

Love is the way.

Action steps:

  1. Identify at least one way in your own life in which you are negatively creating people as you listen to them.
  2. Carve out at least one moment this week in which to pause and listen from a place of loving vibration. Create a space for the teacher to appear to the student in your heart.
  3. What are you listening for? Do you listen for goodness, or do you listen for ill will? Reflect on these questions, in writing or in meditation.