Polarity lives in everything; nothing and no one exists on the physical plane in just one way.

We are all ever-evolving, complex beings holding a myriad of (conflicting) thoughts, feelings and experiences inside us. We cannot truly know someone until we acknowledge this first and then choose to love them anyway. Our strengths are directly connected to our “weaknesses”; there is no separation there. Just as a magnet gains its powers of attraction from its opposing poles, so too, do our “opposite” aspects thrive off each other and ultimately make us who we are. To love one side is to love the other. 

The difficulty is in determining which side is in operation at any given moment. As my godmother has taught me to ask myself in times of trouble, “Is this your higher self?”

Reconciling our opposing natures is confronting; it requires a day to day practice of awareness and discernment. Otherwise, we find our relationships with others and ourselves in constant turmoil. We are like the twins (Esau and Jacob), born to two loving parents, embodying two seemingly opposite extremes from the womb. Pregnant, the mother noticed activity in her belly every time she would come into contact with different stimuli in the environment. Loving and humble vibrations would elicit a reactionary kick from one twin, while the complete opposite would inspire movement from the other. 

At birth, the first and oldest is described as “fully developed” while the younger comes out grasping the older twin’s heel. The deeper meaning here is that as soon as we think we’ve fully developed, there will always be someone on our heals willing to do way more. We also kill our opportunity to evolve as there is no room to further develop what is already "fully developed". So, how do we evolve? By recognizing that our lowest points are the same as our highest. There is no separation. The new opportunity is directly connected to our old accomplishment - coming on its “heels,” as it were. They are the same, just positioned at different degrees on our own individual life poles.

As the story of the twins unfolds we see so much strife, self-betrayal and exile stemming from the perceived separation.  All of which may have been avoided had they both recognized their level of impact and individual strengths, considered working together as a whole, as opposed to seeking their individual agreements in separation.

What would the world be like today had both nations fully integrated? 

What would your world be like if you integrated the "opposing nations" within yourself?

We ALL have the same destination. Separation is just an illusion.

Action steps:

  1. Identify polarities that exist for you.
  2. Offer a prayer of thanks for these “opposing” poles. Ask God and the Creator for the guidance to integrate these dual natures. 
  3. The next time you notice these “opposite” poles seeming to be at odds with each other, pause and breathe into that feeling. Ask yourself what is truly in conflict here. Ask yourself how you might bring these two poles into harmony, how they might work together.